Turn the map around

No time tonight for a proper mid-week post; there’s books to write, yard sale fodder to accumulate and pre-election stressing and disbelief to be had.

But I do want to ask one question for anyone/everyone reading:

What do maps mean to you?

Are they interesting? Tedious? Exotic? Mundane? Vital? Unnecessary ‘cos you have a smartphone? A glimpse of another place? A way to find a parking spot?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking a lot about maps, but before I do, have your say by leaving a comment. Get in early before Tony Abbott takes our posting privileges away.

One reply on “Turn the map around”

I guess I’d have to say I find maps interesting. I wouldn’t be doing navigational rallying if I didn’t, nor would I have such a strong reaction to claims that ‘women can’t read maps’. (Not saying I never get lost, but I CAN read a map.)

Yes, I like having a map in my smartphone, and yes I like using a GPS – especially if I am alone in the car, going somewhere new. But I also like being able to have a ‘big picture’ view. And there is a bonus – if I hadn’t been using a big map book the first time we went to the UK, I wouldn’t have noticed that we were going to pass very close to Bosworth Battlefield, and thus we woudn’t have gone there.

There was also one occasion when I was reading a detective story set in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and I actually pulled out the street directory to give me a clearer picture of what what going on. Which possibly makes me a very sad individual … and one who will probably end up commenting again at some point during your month of maps.

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