Link-spam? More like link-BLAM!

*checks watch*

Damn, is it that time again?

Folks, I usually try to put up something of substance and great genius on a Sunday night, but it’s hot, I’ve spent the weekend hanging out with friends and drinking ALL THE BEERS and my wonderful wife is on the other side of the planet visiting her US family for two weeks. So I’m not really in the zone tonight, and nor is my brain all filled up with perfect knowledge that I can – no, must – drop on you.

So instead, tonight, I’m taking the easy out and throwing out a whole magilla of links to worthwhile things on Ye Olde Internet. CLICK IF YOU DARE! Or just, like, click. It’s probably safe. There hasn’t been a proved zombie attack on the internet in days.

  • My ol’ buddy Chuck Wendig is donating all November profits from his writing-related ebooks to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. That includes books bought through the usual outlets, or through the choose-your-own-price-point offer on his website. Folks, these are excellent, hilarious, whip-smart books full of profanity and advice, and any writer should pick them up, especially given the circumstances. (I would follow in his footsteps, but since my last royalty cheque for the quarter was like 20 bucks, I’m just gonna donate some money directly.)
  • And while we’re talking about choose-your-own-price deals, go check out the Halloween offer over at StoryBundle – six horror ebooks for whatever you want to offer, plus two more if you pay at least nine dollars.
  • On the topic of horror, Nightmare Magazine is open for submissions and paying a pretty-great 5c/word for original horror stories. I’m working up a new piece, ‘Box of Thumbs’, to submit to them, but if you’ve got any kind of work ethic you could easily get in before me and take my spot. DAMN YOU etc.
  • Pandora is back! Okay, that probably isn’t news to most of you, but I just found out today and now I’m very excited to see what new music its algorithms can turn up for me. I’ve set up three radio stations, based around My Chemical Romance, Los Campesinos! and The Fuck Buttons respectively, and if I’m ever feeling grumpy I might crosspollinate all three and watch the site crash trying to make sense of the overlap.
  • And speaking of music, nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock teamed up with Opera Memphis this month for a free mashup EP of his lyrics/beats and their production of La Boheme. It’s pretty neat shit – and while you’re there, click a few links for a whole pile of free tracks, albums and EPs.
  • And speaking of stuff that probably isn’t news to most of you, there’s this ‘Call Me Maybe’ song that I’d managed to avoid hearing for months until having it thrust into my earholes this week. FUCK MY LIFE. Anyway, this terrible song has spawned a host of parodies, pseudo-covers and Twitter accounts, but the one that stands out from the crowd is ‘Batman Maybe’, because it is 10 000% PUREST WIN.
  •  Big ups to everyone tackling NaNoWriMo this month! I, um, don’t have a link for that. If you’re doing it you know who you are. Good luck, and remember to get someone else to edit the shit out of your first draft.
  • Despite the stupid AFL branding/marketing, this is good jerky.

I fucking love beef jerky.

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