The Obituarist III

Kendall Barber is having a very bad day.

His obituarist business is failing, his relationship is on the rocks and he’s pretty sure one of his friends has been murdered. All of that is bad enough – and then his office explodes. Kendall’s past has come back to haunt him, and it’s coming with guns, bombs and a truckload of regrets.

It just gets worse from there.

Before the week is out, Kendall will be beaten, burn, torn up and hospitalised. He’ll have to alienate his closest allies and team up with his greatest enemy. He’ll have to talk to young people about internet security, uncover the truth about his friend’s death, avoid getting murdered by at least two separate sets of bad guys… and he’ll have to decide what kind of man he truly wants to be.

It’s too much to deal with.

The solution is obvious: fake his own death and start over again! But that’s easier said than done. Can Kendall stay one step ahead long enough to assemble what he needs to make a fresh start? Or will his enemies – or worse, his own stupid conscience – finish him once and for all?

The third and final book in the Obituarist series raises the stakes higher than ever before, asks the big questions and puts its hero through the wringer. You know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some early reviews:

  • It’s funny as hell, with a reckless pace, an energetic cast of (mostly egregiously awful) characters, and Barber’s breathlessly hilarious narration all in service of a solid crime story… I am a fan of Patrick O’Duffy’s off-kilter, quippy writing and this long-awaited conclusion to the Obituarist series doesn’t disappoint.
  • Kendall Barber struggles with taking the easy options out of his circumstances, but ultimately, this book explores and wraps-up threads from the previous Obituarist stories, and is about owning your mistakes, and owning your crappiness. And maybe making the effort to change, and to be a better person.
  • I started reading this book knowing that it was the last in the series. It had a different, more serious feel to it that I found I connected with, but still with the Kendall Barber attitude and style. I found myself shedding a tear at the end, knowing that I had to say goodbye to him.

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