The Obituarist II


Who’s settling accounts for the dead?

Obituarist Kendall Barber is still trying to make amends for his past by cleaning up the online presence of Port Virtue’s dead. Business isn’t great, so he jumps at the chance to work for the estate of a racist demagogue, while at the same time accepting an under-the-table job to find out who hacked the social media accounts of a police captain.

Who’s playing games with the living?

But nothing is ever simple, not in a town full of petty criminals and poor decision-making. Before long Kendall is being beaten by neo-Nazis, smacked around by cops, berated by a beautiful journalist and caught up in a murder investigation. Actually, make that multiple murders. There’s also a fight between a badger and a baboon.

Who’s in over his head? Again?

Kendall has a quick mind, a smart mouth, a good computer and a large Fijian friend. But will those be enough to help him wrap up the case and pay his rent? Or more importantly, keep him alive?

The second book in the Obituarist series (yes, it’s a series now) features thrills, chills, internet security jargon, desperate action, a free bonus short story (wow!) and swear words. So many swear words. You have been warned.

Some reviews:

  • Dead Men’s Data is coarse, violent and awash with the weary bitterness of optimism dashed one too many times. And that’s a terrible description, because this book is also hilarious and brimming with righteous (and yeah, sometime self-righteous) anger… It’s short, it’s wild and contains even more creative swearing, grotesque thuggery and cautions against lazy password administration than the previous book.
  • Sharp writing, hilarious one-liners and fast-paced plot full of absurdity makes this loads of fun to read. Kendall Barber, Port Virtue’s social media undertaker is part a film noir private detective, part reflective modern anti-hero and wholly the unluckiest son of a bitch to ever set up his own free-lancing business. 
  • It’s been a long time between drinks for fans of social media undertaker Kendall Barber, but it was worth the wait. There’s hardboiled noir mixed in with author Patrick O’Duffy’s humour, some gore and lots of social media/geek references. What fun! 

Like all my ebooks, The Obituarist II: Dead Men’s Data is available for free from Smashwords in a variety of formats.

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