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September blog round-up

Okay, that’s a boring title. Maybe I should have recycled some previous hits, like BLOGS: THREAT OR MENACE?, or something tongue-in-buttcheek like HELL COMES TO BLOGTOWN.

But it’s been a long week at the day job, and my imagination banks are wrung dry and would really appreciate being topped up with bourbon and sleep. So, since this is a light mid-week post and I want to save my A-grade material for the paid bigger post on Sunday, I thought I might work my way through my Google Reader blogroll and point y’all at much better blog posts than this one that were written in September (and early October, just ‘cos I can).

Not that kind of round-up

(PS I know I was supposed to post this earlier in the week. I got distracted. THIS IS WHY I CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.)

Not that kind either

As for me, well, I keep on keeping on. I plan to get back into the sweary polemics this weekend, which should make for a more interesting read.

(Incidentally, if this kind of overview post is interesting to you, let me know in the comments. For that matter, tell me if it sucks possum ringpiece. Just talk to me. I’m so lonely.)

2 replies on “September blog round-up”

Oh goddamit, I live in Canberra – how did I not register that Conflux was coming up? Welp, another year of not remembering to go has come and gone. Sounds like it was probably fun too.

Konrath’s walk-on appearance at terribleminds started as compelling theatre, but he was such a dick about it that any sense of fun, let alone meaningful discussion, sunk without a trace. If I hadn’t already decided that his authorial voice was not to my tastes, that would have decided it. Wendig remains, of course, a personal hero – especially for keeping his shit together in the face of quite feral defensiveness.

I like these link roundups. I wasn’t aware of most of the blogs you’ve linked to. My RSS feed groans with new material. Cheers!

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