Nine Flash Nine

Nine Flash Nine is a collection of nine flash fiction stories, each 1000 words or less, for ninety-nine cents.

Topics include doll dismemberment, rock band murder, ghost moustaches, giant spiders, unicorns, cooking for ogres and Godzilla sex.

NFN coverWhile many of these stories are also available to read for free on this site,  two are published here for the first time.

The table of contents:

  • For Sale, Baby Heads, Never Worn
  • Murder, She Rocked
  • Boy
  • Dear Penthouse Forum: I Fucked Godzilla
  • Black Veil and Gloves
  • Got the Horn
  • Ghost (Moustache) Story
  • High School Methical
  • Giant Spiders Cannot Exist

Nine Flash Nine can be purchased as a 99 cent ebook from the following sites:

All sites have a sample of the anthology that you can read for free.

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