Just in passing

I know I keep saying I’ll do short updates on Thursday nights.

Well, tonight I mean it, because I’m tired and a little bit drunk. Partially that’s because we’ve been celebrating my fiancée’s new job with pizza and wine, and partially because I went out for beers earlier in the evening with Cam Rogers, Jay Kristoff and Dmetri Kakmi, which was a whole lot of fun. We spent a while talking about writing, publishing, David Lynch films,  steampunk, games, half-naked women and a bunch of other cool things. It was my first time meeting Jay and Dmetri and they were amazing, smart, word-savvy writer dudes.

And speaking of steampunk and Jay Kristoff, he’s done a really interesting series of blog posts on the history of the subgenre, from its early roots to its explosion as a fashion/subculture. I’ve struggled with steampunk because I’ve felt that there haven’t been enough core texts to really give it any kind of foundation, but Jay showed me that there’s more there than I realised. Plus hot girls in goggles, which never hurts. So go check it out, and keep a weather-eye open for his first novel, Stormdancer, which is coming out next year.

I also wrote a few more words of Arcadia, but only a few:

Bear with me, folks; it’s been a hell of a busy week in the educational publishing business. I’ll try to knuckle down a bit over the weekend.


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