Failed upon entry

Hi folks,

Anyone who religiously watches this site for its regular updates would have been disappointed yesterday. (And, well, needs a better hobby.)

While I’ve been trying to keep to a regular Thursday/Sunday schedule, I reached Sunday morning and realised that I didn’t have anything I really wanted to talk about. I had a couple of half-formed ideas, but nothing was gelling for me or filling me with the enthusiasm to write something genuine about it.

And in the end – as I’ve said in previous posts – blogging has to be a genuine attempt to engage with readers, rather than just an exercise in gaining pageviews or getting your name out there. So I think I’d rather skip an update every now and then than crank out filler wordcount just to tick off a box on a self-appointed checklist.

Whoops, bit of politics there

Which is not to say I plan to make a habit of it. I do have some things in mind for the next few weeks, and I’ll spend some time this week developing those ideas. But for this weekend… not so much.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t write anything yesterday. Oh no. In fact, I wrote a 4000 word essay/diatribe on the DC Comics reboot and the various ways in which I think it’s a critical failure that may drive me away from the entire genre, or at least DC’s corner of it.

4000 words. Seriously.

In keeping with my preference to keep overly negative and geeky things off this blog, though, you can find that over at my LiveJournal. I warn you, it’s pretty long. And maybe not that interesting. Then again, if you read this blog normally, you’re probably already inured to that kind of thing.

All right. Proper updates to come. Peace out.

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