Who likes free fiction? You? How about you? What about that guy over there frantically downloading stuff? Yeah, that guy. He knows where it’s at.

Well, here are some short stories that are free to download. There’ll be more. Read! Enjoy! Spend money on things I actually charge money for!

(Also, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can get these from the iBookstore for no iCost.)


The Descent

Mister Smith was thinking about nothing in particular on the flight back to Melbourne when he looked out the window and saw a man standing on the top of a cloud.

A flash fiction story about wonder and priorities.



Watching the Fireworks

Smash and the drawing room’s regency antique mirror (it was a wedding present from her mother and she really didn’t think a lot of him) breaks into a shower of silver-backed glass.

A story about relationships, breakdowns and expensive household objects.



The Recent 86 Tram Disaster as Outlined in a Series of Ten Character Studies

What caused the recent explosion on the 86 tram? Who were the people who witnessed the event? And how does the omniscient viewpoint of a narrator affect the lives of those characters it describes?

A short story about intersecting lives and the expectations of narrative.



Hearts of Ice

You come home one night, worn out by another day of hard work and not falling back into bad habits, to find the woman you love has left you. What now?

A short story about addictions that never quite dry out and wounds that never heal.

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