Continuum num num

Hey there folks,

Just a very quick update to say that I’ll be at the Continuum 7 convention this long weekend talking on a couple of panels.

On Saturday I’ll be on ‘”Star Wars is Just a Western with Spaceships”: Defining Genres’ at 4pm, along with Richard Harland, Ben McKenzie and Lucy Sussex. We’ll be talking about genre, what it’s good for, what’s bad about it, and to what extent genre labels can be useful and deconstructed.

Then on Monday I’ll be on ‘Roleplaying as a Storytelling Experience’ at 2pm, along with Catherynne M. Valente, Hespa and Gareth Hodges. Can gaming make you a better writer, or teach you something about storytelling, from either side of the table?

That’s it for me, unfortunately. There are a bunch of other panels going on, featuring great people like David Wittenveen, Sarah Stokely, Ben McKenzie, Kyla Ward, Paul Callaghan and the gang from the Boxcutters podcast, to name just those that I know personally. I really wish I could make it to see more of those, but I don’t get paid until the day after the con, which is a real pain in the arse, lemme tell you.

But if you have money in your pocket and want to get your geek brain firing, you should come along. At the very least, come along to tonight’s events, which are free. I’ll be the one in the Batman T-shirt propping up the bar. Well, possibly one such person, given the circumstances.

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